CD-1 The Roof Over Your House

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1. The Roof over your House

 Becoming aware through silent meditation of the roof of divine Love over you, revealing It’s safety and supply at all times. This Message of abundance is becoming aware of your conscious oneness with God.

2. There is a Way

 Weaving a healing message through the 91st Psalm in Scripture about ‘dwelling in the Secret place of the most high…’ Inspiring examples on selling a home, finances, and family. Also a healing of a high school graduate who committed suicide, was pronounced dead and was brought back to life and found to be whole and undamaged by the experience through prayer.

3. Healing is the Revealing of God within You

 First in a Series on spiritual healing, explains a healing consciousness developed by metaphysical disciplines and connected through a mystical consciousness.

4. The Non-Power of Stress in your Life

 Part of the Spiritual Healing CD Series. Through meditation, practiced everyday, we find healing being revealed as our Source, guiding us in all situations.

5. Living by Grace, Peace and Harmony in these Times

  Reveals living our lives during great economical down turns in a healthy, peaceful and harmonious way. This is not to say we have our heads in the sand or our eyes closed to difficult times. It does say that we can look at all appearances and see shining through them the true message of Life and Love in Spirit unfolding in front of our eyes, individual expressions of God’s grace, peace and harmony.

6. A Continuation of Living by Grace

  A 2nd CD on safety and supply. Supply in these times should be as equal to health for us in any time. Supply and health should compliment one another. Yet, the human seems to separate them. In listening, please drop all concerns and open to receive this Message which secures faith and confidence that sustains you forever.

7. The Importance of Meditation

  Meditating is probably the most important gift you can give yourself.  You already know there are many ways to meditate. However, it is most important to become Silent, to contemplate all you can possibly recall of God…and then become still and listen.  This particular message opens with a brief history of how meditation came about.

8.  Movement in Spirit

  This particular message came about due to an in-bending move, which involved selling and buying a home in one of the worst housing recessions since the Great Depression. One need not be afraid to move in these times, whether from one place to another, sell or buy a house or move to a new job when you feel Movement in Spirit divinely guiding you.

9. Abundance:  Body, Mind and Soul

  Spiritual Abundance makes all things new.  Spiritual Abundance Is a dance with Spirit.  Spiritual Abundance gives us a new vision of supply through meditation and prayer, which includes body, mind and soul. In this CD we are taking a Higher View of Abundance.  We are going to take our sense of body, our sense of life and health, including wealth, right out of human concepts and place them where they belong, in their natural native element of God’s abundance.

10. More Abundance – Less Judgment

  This most recent CD, released in 2011, gives us a higher meaning of Supply. We all want more Abundance, but ‘the how, when and where of Supply’ will appear in a form we can understand. Why should not Abundance be your Reality too?

11. Spiritual Healing

Add to Shopping Cart  Most of us want Healing ! Most of us want Peace; peace of mind to deal with our day to day lives. This CD will be a great step in connecting with healing spiritually.

12. The Things of God

Add to Shopping Cart  In this Talk are many scriptural and inspirational citations on the infinite supply of The Things of God  for you and or your loved ones.

13. Why Do We Gather Together

Add to Shopping Cart That old Gospel Hymn, Shall We Gather at the River, reminds us why we come together, whether in homes or churches, chapels or  in front of a TV or computer screen for online services.  This CD recognizes the power of Gathering together universally, respectfully, and unconditionally open to meditate, pray and experience healing.

14. CHRISTMAS…A Living Tree…Are We

Add to Shopping Cart With Christmas peace we become One with the ‘Peace that passes’ all our attempts to try and make peace with family and friends. For ‘Great Peace have they that love My Law,’ says Scripture. My Message about the ‘Living Tree’ is an invitation to join me in peace.

15. God’s Plan for Father’s Day

Add to Shopping Cart From the ancient Aramaic language Jesus spoke, Our Father, translated as Abba or Daddy. Daddy is an endearing and special name describing the most tender closeness. For example, ‘Abba, Father’, my Daddy, ‘all things are possible unto Thee,…for we are the children of God and heirs of God’. In this CD you can here why Father’s Day is such a special day. Listen and find out more.

16. Spiritual Living/Spiritual Healing

Add to Shopping Cart“To live spiritually is basically starting with the Right Identification’ of ‘Who you are’ in your relationship or Oneness with God. It begins with, Who am I and What I am all about,” said Joel S. Goldsmith.

17.  Trust in the Lord…I AM

Add to Shopping CartBecoming aware through silent meditation of the roof of divine Love over you, revealing It’s safety and supply at all times. This Message of abundance is becoming aware of your conscious oneness with God.”

18. Do I Know How to Pray?

Add to Shopping CartThis message was released December 21, 2014, just 4 days before Christmas. It embraces the Lord’s Prayer with it’s spiritual interpretation in a comforting and healing, how-to mode for adults, parents and their grandchildren.

Latest CD….


19. Coming…into the Light

Add to Shopping CartThis talk is about becoming more aware that we are the Light of Truth to the world.  How do we see the Truth, spiritually?  We must be willing to prepare to see this Light of Spirituality everywhere and in everything.  Join me in opening our hearts and receptive minds to  the Light of Truth.

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