This is the place where God shines through
He and I are one, not two.
He/She needs me here and as I am
I’ll neither worry, fret, nor plan
But be relaxed and free and let God
work out His/Her plan through me.



Sharing thoughts and personal stories of faith, perseverance, and healing during the trying times of the Covid-19 Pandemic, Lucinda gifts her readers with spiritual strength through meditative quotes and examples of hope. 

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Lucinda Shook’s services have been described by many as having a pure healing spiritual consciousness that manifest healing in:

Health – Wholeness – Family – Relationships – Business – Finance

This higher teaching of Health and Wholeness has come through Silent Meditation, Oneness in Spirit, without dogma or duality in it’s application to be of service to all … on their ‘spiritual path’.

Lucinda shares her spiritual philosophy and offer of assistance:

Manifesting spirituality in all aspects of life is experiencing your ONENESS with what is called your Source of Life, your Spirit, your very Breath, your Creator, God Itself.

This Great ‘I AM that I AM’, individually expressed, reveals Infinite Ways for HEALING.

The SECRET is becoming aware of one’s higher Self and moving to that level of God-Consciousness that reveals healing in your life.

At your request, I will pray / meditate in quietness and confidence with you.